December 6, 2022
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The Ambassador Bridge is the latest target of protesters opposing pandemic restrictions, cutting off a key trade route between the United States and Canada and threatening supply chains for a significant part of the country.

Demonstrators sympathetic to the days-long anti-government occupation in Ottawa started using trucks to jam traffic on the bridge from Windsor, Ont., to Detroit on Monday.

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Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail
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Dan Bortolotti, CFP, CIM, is a portfolio manager and financial planner at PWL Capital in Toronto. He is the author of Reboot Your Portfolio: 9 Steps to Successful Investing with ETFs.

Few events bring more pride to a parent than their child’s graduation day. Completing any postsecondary program is an achievement worth celebrating, not least because your kid may soon be off the family payroll.

There are many factors affecting whether a student will go to college or university, but access to a registered education savings plan can improve the odds. A registered retirement savings plan (RESP) encourage parents to save for their children’s education by allowing them to invest in a tax-sheltered account and collect the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG): The first $2,500 you contribute in a given year is topped up by 20 per cent, or $500, subject to certain limits.

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