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November 30, 2022
A note from the editor

This week, Arts Correspondent Marsha Lederman reports on the acquisition by UBC of Shakespeare’s First Folio. The 400-year-old edition is the first printed collection of the Bard’s work, and is one of the most valuable books in the world. Read more about the “once-in-an-eternity” purchase here.

We also have a piece from author Lawrence Hill, who discusses how his children became the inspiration for his first kids’ book, Beatrice and Croc Harry, plus Oliver Moore’s look at how — and why — the pandemic has underlined the importance of public libraries.

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Coming soon: who knows! These are strange times for Canadian moviegoers, arguably the most surreal since the pandemic began. At least back in March, 2020, the entire world was in sync with shutdowns. Today, movie theatres are operating in some provinces, indefinitely shuttered in others (and open without capacity or concession restrictions just south of the border). Meanwhile, audiences have become increasingly accustomed to the comforts of streaming, and can now easily rattle off the differences between PVOD, SVOD, VOD, AVOD and OTT (okay, maybe not everyone).

What does the future of moviegoing mean? Anyone who says that they know for certain should be immediately distrusted. But while we wait for some sense of clarity – or at the very least for Ontario and Quebec to reopen theatres after arbitrarily shutting them down for the third or fourth time – streamers are here to remind us of the power of cinema, no matter the size of the screen (or the price of the monthly subscription bill).

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