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beppi crosariol’s pick of the week

Canadian whisky, mainly based on corn, normally includes little or no barley, which is the central grain of Scotch. In this limited-edition bottling, released to commemorate the brand’s 160th anniversary in 2018, barley-based whisky was blended with a batch of traditionally crafted Canadian Club for a more robust profile. If you’re a long-time “CC” fan, expect a different sort of treat here. More firm and, yes, malty. The first sip might conjure something like toasted cereal topped with black pepper, toffee drizzle and slices of ripe peach. Eventually essences of new leather and earth emerge as the spiciness carries through on the long finish. Available in Ontario at the price below, $44.99 in British Columbia, various prices in Alberta, $55.01 in Saskatchewan, $49.75 in Quebec, $50 in New Brunswick, $49.98 in Nova Scotia and $49.98 in Newfoundland.

  • Price: $49.90

Rating:90 /100